Double Gauntlet

The Godslayers continued on through Xariata with Astor Belladoni leading the way. They encountered a giant chaos beast, but Laharl Rafaj quickly dispossed of it by testing out some of his new divine power. Continuing forward they were soon intercepted by Nem.

The God of Murder opened with a savage assault on mind and body. He dealt Astor two savage blows then unleashed a wave of madness against their minds. Most were able to hold against this, but Sar was sent fleeing. Jevox made a bold slide under the monster and landed vicious stab to the back. For his trouble he was dealt a savage blow that sent him flying against one of the biting walls.

The group redoubled their efforts. They assaulted him with kicks, blades, and eldritch blasts. Laharl was unhappy to discover that his acidic blasts had no effect and that he was forced to turn to other tactics. Jovex attacked with a beam of draining energy then fled to heal himself. During a particularly savage assault, Nem lost his grip on his ax, Reaver, and it went flying to embed in the wall. However, Laharl found himself grappled by Nem’s tentacles, limiting how much they could capitalize on this bit of fortune.

Nem retrieved his ax and launched back into a heavy assault. Sar bore the brunt of this attack and was slain. Even with Laharl slipping free of Nem’s grasp, things looked grim. Astor settled on a final, full-out assault. She whirled her bladed chain until it was impossible to fallow its movements. It cut gouges into the stone floor and sent sparks flying as she rolled forward and made criss-crossing cuts that went clear through Nem, letting him fall into four pieces.

As they regained their breath, Nem’s Divine Spark rose to empower them. In an act of capricious goodwill, Laharl enacted a miracle and resurrected Sar. Bloodied and bruised they returned to Serepathy.

The influx of divine power had healed their wounds, but the Godslayers were still tired and needed rest to regain some of their spent resources. They rested in their rooms and made use of the viewing globe to look in on the world they had left behind. Astor attempted to contact her assassins. She could send a small impression to them, but could not yet touch their minds. Soon though, with some more death she would be able to.

The recovered group returned to the Omegbas Doors and entered Erotix, the realm of Sila, Goddess of Lust. Jovex offered some protest to this, suggesting that better targets could be found, but no one cared for his opinion on the mater. They found themselves in a dark realm. From behind curtains they could hear the sounds of pleasure being indulged. Sneaking forward, they spied the Sila playing with some of her Servitors and Thrallhands. Their presence was not unknown, however, and Sila bid them to come forward and enjoy the pleasures of her realm.

The group approached cautiously, Sar leading the way. They rebuffed Sila’s offer and Sar through up a mindblank to protect herself. Sila ordered her servants to attack, including Jovex. He had given into her advances and for his lust he had become easy prey to Sila’s domination. He stabbed Sar in the back after she unleashed a wave of fire that killed several of the servitors. Laharl unleashed a punishing blast at Sila. This drew her ire and she slashed him with her whip, Lover’s Caress. The whip had a life of its own and entangled him in a deadly embrace. Sar unleashed a weird that slew several servitors and thrallhands, and the traitorous Jevox.

Astor found her mind filled with deep lust and longing when she met Sila’s gaze. She moved towards the sensual goddess and waited for a kiss. Sila locked lips with her in a sensual, and life draining kiss. Her mind to confused, Astor waited for another kiss and did not resist as Sila embraced her for another deep, life stealing kiss.

Laharl was freed from the whip when Sila focused on Astor. He unleashed a wave of acid that stung the goddess and melted her remaining thrallhands. He also granted Astor freedom of movement so she could break away from the goddess’s deadly lips. While they did this, Sar had maneuvered around so that she could attack the goddess from behind, and while standing on her own thrown!

Sila assaulted the Godslayers with her deadly whip. Her captivating gaze kept Laharl and Astor off balance. Sar had marked the goddess for death, though, and her blows rained down hard. Leaping int the air, Sar landed a smashing roundhouse kick that broke the goddess’s neck.

The divine spark rose up from Sila and empowered her killers. As well, when no one cared to resurrect him, divine essence that had been given to Jevox arced to the others, fully empowering them. They returned to Serepathy, this time to stand before equals.

Aero’Ra announced their new divine status. He bid them take their realms and fulfill their destinies. He also offered them a warning, to remember that if they neglected the Divine Mandate and did not tend to their portfolios, they too would be subject to having new Godslayers coming to replace them. With that they were each sent to their own Divine Realms.

Realm of Rot

The slayers searched through the fleshy tunnels of Xariata for Nem. It was pitch black, but most were prepared with a means of seeing in the dark. Astor utilized a new ability granted by her Divine Spark to allow her to see.

Entering a large chamber they came under assault by an Angel of Decay, Nem’s twisted idea of an angel. As the creature’s rot pulled at their feet, the Slayers found themselves sickened by its disgusting aura. Laharl and Sar took to the air, soon fallowed by Astor to get out of the mess while Jevox retreated into the distance. Sar’s fists pounded the disgusting mess, while Jevox and Laharl burned it with fire and acid. It waded in to smash them all at once, healing as it rotted their flesh. It stood little chance though and was soon turned into nothing more than a stain on the ground.

The Slayers had taken no small beating, with several injuries spread among them. They decided to rest an hour to heal, and clean away some of the grime.

Challenge of the Gods

Astor Belladoni, Laharl Rafaj, Sarisha Maliha, and Jevox found themselves summoned to Serepathy by Aero’Ra. He told them that because they had reached the peak of mortal power with no assistance from the divine, they would be given the opportunity to ascend to godhood. This would not be without risk. They would each have to choose a god to replace and slay that deity to gain their power. All accepted and Aero’ra immued them each with a divine spark.

The godslayers determined to first face Lahral’s chosen,Grunkar. Aspios lead them to the Omegbas Door that lead to to Argotha. They stepped through and found themselves in a fiery cavern, as though deep in the heart of a volcano. They looked about for Grunkar and shouted challenges. It was not until Sar ventured to close to one of the lava pits that the God of Destruction burst forth and sprayed his flaming breath across his would-be assassins.

It was a swift, but grueling battle. Jovex drained off some of Grunkar’s power while Astor and Sar met him with blade and fist. Astor cut deep into his body with her chain. Powerful blows from Sar as she took to the air shattered Grunkar’s jaw. Laharl covered the colossal beast in acid that ate away at his stony skin. Grunkar returned their blows as well, leaving Sar in rough condition. He charged out of the magma pool to rend at them all. It was too late though, and Laharl’s acid brought the beast low.

From his dissolving corpse, rose Grunkar’s divine spark. From it, Lahral took power over madness. The spark then spread its energy between them all as the plane started to collapse.

After retreating back to Serapathy they all agreed to rest and recover. They were shown to personal rooms. As they rested, each was offered a temptation…

Recovered and ready, the group decided to next go after Astor’s chosen, Nem. They stepped through the Omegbas door to the grotesque plane of Xariata.


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