A man cloaked in shadows with angry red and black markings on his body.


A thin, but well muscled figure with a shaved head. A greater aberrant mark traces over his head, arms, and torso. It is the read of burned flesh with black charring on the edges. He is dressed all in black, a sleeveless tunic and a shadowy cloak.


Jevox is the most famous and skilled thief on all of Teraprim. He has robbed human kings, dwarf lords, and elven nobles. He has steathily slunk into vaults after jewels and stolen a queens crown in broad daylight without anyone noticing. His most well known caper was stealing the moon for a night.

Jevox aided in the slaying of Grunkar and Nem. His ability to steal way life force proved particularly useful. However, he gave into Sila’s advances and in turn became her thrall. He attacked Sarisha Maliha during the battle with Sila. Sar retaliated by slaying him with a weird.


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