Astor Belladoni

A master murderess


STR 12
DEX 26
CON 20
INT 20
WIS 10
CHA 14

HP: 220 AC: 31 T: 21 FF: 24

Fortitude 15

Reflex 16

Will 7

On her hands and arms she wears spiked and blades bracers which act as her only form of armor. Both bracers, made of displacer beast hide, hold a red garnet the size of a robins eggs over the back of the hand. These gems are ensorceled to consume magic, converting it to healing energy. The left hand also houses a smaller green gem, that protects Astor on planar missions. The base magic of the bracers also augments her agility and life force. She wears a clear glass ring on her left hand that augments her agility and natural healing ability, and a multicolored gem on her right that protects against energy and adapts her body to harmful planar effects. Quite taken with the appearance of devils, Astor wears a bladed helm stylized after sweeping devilish horns, and allows her to better disarm her quarry before slicing it apart. At her neck is a thick, plate amulet covering most of her neck and breast. Wrought of silver and set with a cats eye gemstone that moves as if a real eye, it makes her more aware of danger, and better able to ward of infections. Combining a half cape and a half mask, Astors stylized cloak resembles stunted devil wings, but with a word, allow her to fly quite well. Most of her attire is non-magical, and serves only as a mockery of the styles of ladies of court, but the wrap of her halter top does enhance her fortitude, her already cat-like reflexes, as well as her mental fortitude. The waist wrap and skull further enhances her athletic prowess, allowing her to perform with little thought to her actions. At her feet, resembling foot wrappings of mithral, are her boots. These boots allow her to temporarily step outside of the known dimensions, and reappear a short distance away. Finally, and the only thing she allows herself to show pride in, is her blades. Stylized after a ladies shawl, Astors bladed chain boasts the most enchantments. Anchored around the middle finger of each hand, and to another attachment point between her shoulder blades, the weapon almost resembles steel wings. Wickedly sharp and enchanted to draw out the life force of her foes to heal her wounds, Astor combines this weapon with her fast,spinning fighting style to cut down anyone she pleases.
Astors outfits favor shades of purple most heavily, and she will often add dark purple make-up around her eyes and to her lips.


Astor Belladoni, also known as the Blade Wind and the Lady of Blades, is the Guild Master of her own empire of assassins and killers. She lives by the motto of “ Trust only yourself.” She rules her men and women, but trusts none of them, not even her closest lieutenants. Her personality is cold, emotionless, and apathetic. She is absolutely remorseless, ruthless, and without mercy. No one is above or below her blades, she kills anyone and everything she sets out to kill. She has amassed a small fortune running her guild, and has used a large portion of the gold to make herself a more prolific and proficient killer; focusing on self-sufficiency, speed, and survival at all costs.
Astors petite size, five feet tall and just barely 100lbs, belies her lethal nature. She has coal black hair that she keeps in a thick, single braid down her back, wrapped in trophies and trinkets of past kills. Her thin, almond shaped eyes are nearly black, and she has thin, delicate facial features. She is pretty, but by no means a paragon of elven beauty. Her “hunts” as she calls them, keeps her in top physical condition, as well as the regular sparring matches, and the constant battles to the death to keep her throne.

Astor Belladoni

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