Realm of Rot

The slayers searched through the fleshy tunnels of Xariata for Nem. It was pitch black, but most were prepared with a means of seeing in the dark. Astor utilized a new ability granted by her Divine Spark to allow her to see.

Entering a large chamber they came under assault by an Angel of Decay, Nem’s twisted idea of an angel. As the creature’s rot pulled at their feet, the Slayers found themselves sickened by its disgusting aura. Laharl and Sar took to the air, soon fallowed by Astor to get out of the mess while Jevox retreated into the distance. Sar’s fists pounded the disgusting mess, while Jevox and Laharl burned it with fire and acid. It waded in to smash them all at once, healing as it rotted their flesh. It stood little chance though and was soon turned into nothing more than a stain on the ground.

The Slayers had taken no small beating, with several injuries spread among them. They decided to rest an hour to heal, and clean away some of the grime.



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