Challenge of the Gods

Astor Belladoni, Laharl Rafaj, Sarisha Maliha, and Jevox found themselves summoned to Serepathy by Aero’Ra. He told them that because they had reached the peak of mortal power with no assistance from the divine, they would be given the opportunity to ascend to godhood. This would not be without risk. They would each have to choose a god to replace and slay that deity to gain their power. All accepted and Aero’ra immued them each with a divine spark.

The godslayers determined to first face Lahral’s chosen,Grunkar. Aspios lead them to the Omegbas Door that lead to to Argotha. They stepped through and found themselves in a fiery cavern, as though deep in the heart of a volcano. They looked about for Grunkar and shouted challenges. It was not until Sar ventured to close to one of the lava pits that the God of Destruction burst forth and sprayed his flaming breath across his would-be assassins.

It was a swift, but grueling battle. Jovex drained off some of Grunkar’s power while Astor and Sar met him with blade and fist. Astor cut deep into his body with her chain. Powerful blows from Sar as she took to the air shattered Grunkar’s jaw. Laharl covered the colossal beast in acid that ate away at his stony skin. Grunkar returned their blows as well, leaving Sar in rough condition. He charged out of the magma pool to rend at them all. It was too late though, and Laharl’s acid brought the beast low.

From his dissolving corpse, rose Grunkar’s divine spark. From it, Lahral took power over madness. The spark then spread its energy between them all as the plane started to collapse.

After retreating back to Serapathy they all agreed to rest and recover. They were shown to personal rooms. As they rested, each was offered a temptation…

Recovered and ready, the group decided to next go after Astor’s chosen, Nem. They stepped through the Omegbas door to the grotesque plane of Xariata.



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