Aero’Ra, God of Gods, Has Grown Angry!

The Gods have lost focus regarding their followers. They bicker and fight amongst each other, neglecting their responsibilities to their spheres of influence, and the worshipers therein. In their absence, ambitious and mighty mortals have risen up to shape the fate of the world, without divine aid. Aero’Ra has looked down on these mortals, and is impressed. If the current gods will not obey the Divine Mandate, then he will offer mortals the chance to win the title of deity, and rightfully take their place in the pantheon over the offending god.

Godslayers is an epic level adventure designed to let the players battle against gods in an attempt to become deities themselves. If you check the forums you will find information on character creation and other important topics. The wiki provides information on the various gods and the campaign world. Check it all out and create your own godslayer.


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